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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 

Christmas Concert Performances


We have two performances:

Wednesday 12th December at 11.15am for children who attend Nursery in a morning and the front end of the week.

Wednesday 12th December at 3.15pm for children to attend Nursery in the afternoon and the back end of the week. 

Help your child practise at home!

It would be great if you could practise singing (and signing) at home with your child! Below is a list of all of the songs we are doing and a video of the BSL signs.

Christmas Parties!

We will be having a Christmas party where children can come in their favourite Christmas jumper or party outfit, eat lots of lovely food and play games.


Afternoon children and back end of the week: Wednesday 19th December (pm)

Miss Hutton's Wedding!

Miss Hutton is getting married on Saturday 22nd December. We are learning all about weddings over the next few weeks as we were all so excited for her and wanted to know more!

After Christmas, we all have the hard job of remembering her new name: Mrs Dolman.