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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. You can find out more about our Nursery Admissions and meet our Nursery Team if you click on the links below.



As this is an oversubscribed school, Parkview has to give priority to children based on the Council's criteria. The structured Admissions procedure follows very strict guidelines which this State school must follow.
All applicants must complete a Common Application form available from the Council or the school.

The order of priority for admission to school is:

Children who are looked after in the care of, or accommodated by, Derby City Council or another local authority.
- Children living in the normal area who have siblings in school at the time of admission.
- Other children in the normal area at the time of admission.
- Children outside normal area who have brothers and sisters in school at the time of their admission.

Other children whose parents have expressed a preference for their child to attend Parkview.

Applications satisfying the same criteria will be decided on the basis of a straight line measurement from the centre of the main 'dwelling' to the school using the National Ordnance Survey set points.

From September 2006 all applications to schools have to be dealt with by the Council. You can express a preference for up to two schools.


You will be sent an offer by the Council of one school place in April. All parents in the City will be sent a letter in this month and not before. We will initially offer 30 places in Reception for September. Unfilled places will be offered to children on our waiting list, applying the Admissions criteria.


You may defer your child's entry to school until the start of the term after their fifth birthday. In line with this National policy, parents of some children offered a place in Reception from September may defer their movement from Nursery up to Reception without losing their Reception place. Children moving up to Reception in January would only have 2 terms in this class - the choice is between Nursery or Reception.

If we cannot offer your child a place in our Reception class, then the child may remain in our Nursery until the receiving school admits them.

If we cannot offer your child a place at Parkview, you have a right to appeal to an independent panel. For information about this ring Derby City's School Placement Manager 01332 716936, or 716938 or 716940.