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Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Phase 1 phonics- Can you think of words that start with the same letter?
  • Phase 1 phonics- alliteration hunt. Go around the house finding items that start with the same letters.
  • Phase 2 phonics- find objects around the house such as 'sock' and 'clock'.
  • Phonics- find some different objects from around the house. Can you say the sounds and blend them together to make the word e.g. 'c-u-p...cup', 'b-a-th-...bath', 'p-e-n...pen'. Or ask someone to segment a word and you find the object they are saying.
  • Draw a picture of yourself and a friend. Can you label the picture and talk about what is the same and what is different?
  • It is important for children to know the phoneme a letter makes (the pure sound) and the letter name. Have a look at this alphabet song. .
  • If you are unsure of the pure sounds here is a link to how they are pronounced.