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Expressive Arts and Design

  • Use household objects to make musical instruments. Try making a shaker by filling a bottle with rice, or bang a bowl/saucepan with a wooden spoon.
  • Make a flower picture using paint, pens or junk modelling.
  • Sing your favourite Nursery Rhymes- make a drawing/picture or even a dance to accompany them.
  • As you read a story, talk about the characters. Can you think of some words to describe the characters?
  • Pointillism- This is an art technique we teach in schools it is a way in which we create pictures and mix colours using dots. The artist who invented pointillism was ‘George Seurat’ I have added a link to a video which informs children about the art technique and the history on George Seurat.

    Get you children to draw a picture following their interests and see if they can create the pointillism effect using finger paints.