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Late/Absence Procedures


Parents/carers should notify the school of absence as soon as possible. If a parent does not inform school about a child’s absence, it will be recorded as unauthorised. Office staff will text message the parents of all children who are not in school, if a reason has not been supplied for the absence.

Appointments should be booked, wherever possible, out of term time so that pupils do not miss school.

Children who arrive after 9am should arrive through the main entrance and sign in, with reasons for late arrival, in the Late Book.

Attendance below 95% is closely monitored by SLT and the Education Welfare Officer is notified where neccesary. 


Holidays in term time

  • Holidays must not be taken in term time.

  • There are exceptional circumstances e.g. the death of a family member, where requests for holiday within term time may be granted.

  • Please refer to the DfE for guidance

Miss Jarvis.