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Meet The Team

Mrs Dolman

Mrs Dolman is one of our Nursery teachers. She teaches us on a Thursday and a Friday. Mrs Dolman has worked at Parkview for 8 years now (she must really like us!) She is also the SENDCo and looks after children who need a little more help. She lives at home with her husband! She loves performing, singing, going to the gym, spending time with her friends and family and, of course, PENGUINS!

Mrs Rodenby

Mrs Rodenby is covering Nursery every Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday mornings. Mrs Rodenby has worked at Parkview for 16 years until she decided to change to supply teaching in 2016. She has enjoyed working at a variety of different primary schools but Parkview is still her favourite! Mrs Rodenby lives at home with her husband and two sons and enjoys spending time with her family and her dog Bella!

Mrs Marshall

Mrs Marshall is our HLTA. She has worked at Parkview for 18 years (they can't get rid of her!) Mrs Marshall teaches us every Wednesday and she teaches us if Mrs Rodenby or Mrs Dolman are away. Mrs Marshall lives with her husband and two sons and she is also a Nanny to her beautiful granddaughter, Olivia. She enjoys spending time with Olivia, caravanning, going on holidays, cooking and eating!
             Mrs Wells

Mrs Wells is one of our amazing TAs and she helps us on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday afternoon. Mrs Wells has worked at Parkview for over 7 years and is looking forward to her new adventure in Nursery with the penguins!

Mrs Wells likes knitting, crochet, looking after her chickens and baking lots of delicious treats! 

Mrs Norton

Mrs Norton is our new TA! She will be helping us every Friday morning and every alternate Wednesday morning. Mrs Norton has two children at Parkview so she knows the school really well. Mrs Norton is really looking forward to working in Nursery and we can't wait to show her how amazing we are!

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Norton and Mrs Seabridge

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Norton and Mrs Seabridge help us at lunch time! We work really hard on our table manners, being independent with our eating and playing some games to practise taking turns.