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Physical Development

  • Can you make up your own outdoor games?
  • Jigsaw games.
  • Where does the food in your house come from?
  • Research how different food is grown. Which fruits grow on trees/bushes/vines? Which foods grow in your country and which come from other countries?
  • Mark making- can you draw patterns using chalks on pavements or crayons on paper? Can you create any other patterns? 

Fine Motor Skills

Before children can begin to form letters correctly they need to gain fine motor movements.

  • Using finger paints children can follow zigzag, wavy and straight lines on some paper.
  • Having a bubble letter which children can fill in with fingerprints also increases their fine motor skills alongside gaining letter recognition. To then challenge them take away the outline for them to finger-paint it independently. *Remember letter formation always starts from the top!*


Letter formation

Let your child explore and get messy.

  • Pour some finger paint onto a surface of some paper and get them to use their fingers to create letters. If this activity feels too messy they can dip their finger in the paint and form the letters on to their paper.