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Please scroll down to find out important information about our curriculum at Parkview. If you have any further questions about the curriculum we teach, please ask a member of staff or contact the school office directly. More information on our duties in the Equality Act (2010) and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations (2014) can be found in our Equality & Diversity policy and statement in the Policy section of our website.

More detailed information on our Curriculum can be found in the policy below.

School Structure

Foundation Stage - Nursery (FS1) & Reception (FS2) 

Key Stage One - Years 1 & 2

Key Stage Two - Years 3,4,5 & 6 

Key Assessment Points

End of Foundation Stage (Reception) - Good Level of Development

Year 1 - Phonics Screening Test

Year 2 - Key Stage One SATs in Reading, Writing, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Year 6 - Key Stage Two SATs in Reading, Writing, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


NB - All other year groups are internally assessed 

Reading and Phonics In EYFS

Phonics begins in Nursery and is based upon the Development Matters curriculum, where we focus upon our listening skills. This supports the early phases of Letters and Sounds, which our school's phonics lessons are based upon and these sessions are supported by Read Write Inc resources. In addition we use the Launchpad for Literacy scheme, which focuses on prereading skills in the early years and throughout school, which provides a thorough progressive model on which to develop individual children's learning.

Every week our Early Years classes focus upon a 'story of the week' and lessons are based around the book. There is a focus upon vocabulary, understanding new words and themes within a book. As children develop their listening skills, Reception children begin to follow the Key Stage One phonics programme detailed below.


Reading and Phonics in Key Stage One

Children in Key Stage One are taught phonics explicitly everyday. This is in line with the National Curriculum, Letters and Sounds and is taught using Read Write Inc resources. The children are taught in small groups by our team of experienced and well trained teachers and teaching assistants. Children are regularly assessed to ensure that they progress well and are on track to reach national expectations by the end of Year One, when they will sit their phonics screening check. 


Reading skills are also taught explicitly in Key Stage One. The children have a 30 minute daily guided reading session based upon an age appropriate text. Children are taught how to develop their reading skills, explore new vocabulary and develop a love of reading. Our reading scheme is largely Oxford Reading Tree, but includes Project X adventure books and phonics based books to support our early readers. 


Reading is embedded within our English lessons, where quality children's books are used to develop writing for different purposes and audiences. 


Please find below information regarding how we teach phonics at Parkview. 

Reading in KS2

Reading in KS2 is primarily taught through a dedicated 30 minute daily session in order to allow the children to develop skills to become deep readers. Each week, the series of five lessons focuses on a specific reading assessment skill. The first day is a class read session with the teacher clarifying the skill for the week and demonstrating how this could be used within the text. During the following four sessions, every child takes part in a teacher led guided reading session, a vocabulary task, a comprehension task and a more abstract mini-mission linked to the assessment focus and text. A daily class read is also carried out.


There are many other ways in which we teach reading across the school. Please see our dedicated Reading page within the English section for further information.

Mathematics at Parkview

Curriculum Subjects and Themes

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here with relevant home learning for isolation and pod closure periods.

Curriculum Coverage Planners

The following documents will allow you to see the progression of knowledge and skills, in each curriculum area, across school. It highlights the 'building blocks' of learning across the primary phase for your child. 

Starters for STEM


Starters for STEM consists of lots of easy to run activities suitable for children from 4-11. Designed for parents to use at home they help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy-to-resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them. The sheets have been produced weekly since the start of the school closures due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK. Activities can be run together with children of different ages and there is no special order that they should be done in. They are designed to be fun for children and easy to run for parents, who can chose to do as many as they wish.

Home Learning for PE

This home learning toolkit is to support you when children need to self-isolate or if there is a lockdown. There are a range of resources including physical activity challenges, school games activities, family fitness sessions, recipes and lots more. Also included are links to an extensive range of virtual lessons such as Physical Education, Writing Stars, Matchday Maths, Reading Stars, Resilient Rammie and Winning Minds.

R Time


Parkview is proud to be an R Time school!


What is R time?

R time is an exciting, dynamic, fun-filled Personal and Social Education programme. The emphasis is upon creating effective, respectful relationships by way of Random Pair work. R time has been shown to improve behaviour, reduce bullying, raise self-esteem and accelerate learning.

R time is a programme that enables children to learn the skills of making and sustaining friends and friendships.

The programme is for all Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary aged children of all abilities. It is a whole-school, every pupil programme – all children will benefit and so will the adults working with them.


More information can be found at



We are very proud of this achievement. 




We have a strong PSHE curriculum at Parkview which teaches children how to stay safe online. Below are some leaflets about keeping safe online.  

Challenge Award


We are proud to be a Challenge Award school at Parkview. This is national recognition for high quality provision and practice for more able pupils.

Please find a leaflet below which displays the emphasis we place on this provision.




As a parent or carer, it is important to discuss with children the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships to help highlight potential risks to them. There are also a number of practical steps you can take to protect children.


The leaflet below from Barnado's, outlines these practical steps.

If you would like further information on the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.