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Language development at the age of 2 years predicts children's performance later on when entering primary school. Children's understanding and use of vocabulary and their use of two or three word sentences at 2 years is very strongly associated with their performance in later school years.

(Sue Roulstone James Law, Robert Rush, Judy Clegg, Tim Peters for the Department for Education)


“It’s not just about saying words into children’s ears that will support their development. It should be a quality interaction such as reading a book and readying the child for thoughtful discussion and helping them to explore their world.” David Purpura, an associate professor in the College of Health and Human Sciences’ Department of Human Development and Family Studies.


Recognising the importance of early language development, at Parkview Primary School, especially in the Early Years setting, we work very hard to develop the children's speech, language and communication. Our classrooms are audited regularly and are 'Communication Friendly'. 


The resources below may come in helpful in developing speech, language and communication at home.