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Zones of Regulation

'Zones of Regulation' supports pupils to manage and regulate their feelings and emotions. It aims to support pupils to identify different feelings and emotions and further develop mutual feelings and self-regulation strategies to support them when they are in different zones. The zones are described below:

Green zone- feeling calm and ready

Blue zone- energy running low

Yellow zone- quite strong but can manage

Red zone- very strong feelings- out of control


Here are some ways that you can carry on supporting your child at home using the 'Zones of Regulation'

1. Use the 'zones' visual when talking about feelings and emotions

2 Ask your child throughout the day, "What zone are you in?", "How do you feel?", "Why are you in the ______ zone?"

3. Model how you are feeling to them, for example, "I am feeling (yellow zone) because you're not helping me to tidy up."