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As more and more children are now getting their own mobile devices (particularly in Key Stage 2), I would like to draw your attention to an App recently launched by the BBC called `Own It'.

The app gives children `nudges' and advice when their online behaviour strays outside the norm.

Youngsters can access the app when they're looking for help but it is always on-hand to give them instant, on-screen advice and support in the moment they need it.
This will include:
° How messages and the use of certain words could be perceived by others, before they hit send
° Tracking their mood over time - and guidance on how to improve the situation if it's needed
° Whether they should share their mobile number on social media before they do so, and why they might want to think twice
° Snack-able info on topics like using phones late at night, and how it affects their wellbeing

More information can be found at

We hope that you find it useful.

Miss Jarvis